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MTB Podcast – Episode 19 – Your Questions Answered!

MTB Podcast – Episode 19 – Your Questions Answered!

Steven and Jonathan put TrainerRoad's new studio setup to the test with a TDS wrap up, Epic Rides Whiskey Off-Road review, and UCI DH Lordes recap. Topics covered in this episode: • MTBpodcast shirts and sweatshirts! • TDS Enduro: • Epic Rides Whiskey Off-Road: • UCI DH Rd. 1: • Is cross-chaining bad? • What it means to be a "powerful" rider • Are big, strong legs faster? • Tips to cure carpal tunnel for cyclists • What to know when deciding to get a new bike or update your current bike • How to make a Trek Remedy more XC-oriented • Does fitness transfer from one sport to another? • How to make your internal cables not rattle • Should you upgrade a 3 year old fork? • How to upgrade a Fox 32 fork • How to build fitness over a season • How long can you maintain peak fitness? • Why the Fox Float X2 shock is superior • Which shock should you run on a Yeti SB5? • How to mount Shimano shifters and brakes with one perch • How to squeeze in training with a busy schedule • Tech One Designs custom decals: • KC Hilites LED Light Bar:

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