12. The Survival Story of Jennifer Morey (Mini)

12. The Survival Story of Jennifer Morey (Mini)

Grab your glass and get cozy, let's talk about (attempted) murder! We love survivor stories and this is one of the best. On April 15, 1995, Jennifer Morey woke up to an absolute nightmare. Not only was there a stranger in her supposedly safe apartment, but he was on top of her.. pressing a knife to her neck. Join us to find out how this incredible woman fought off her unsuspecting attacker and lived to tell the tale. Make sure to check out our socials and add to the conversation. Let us know what your thoughts are on security systems and we might even share your response on the next episode!Email: murderandmerlot@gmail.comFacebook: Murder & Merlot Instagram: @murdermerlotpodcast Twitter: @murderandmerlo1Cheers! *Tink*

Duration: 44 min

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