13. Model to Murderer- Omaima Nelson (Mini)

13. Model to Murderer- Omaima Nelson (Mini)

Grab your glass and get cozy, let's talk about murder! This weeks story is so crazy, it should be fiction. When picturing what a cannibal would look like, you likely have an image of Jeffrey Dahmer or Hannibal Lector in your mind. Omaima Nelson, a young Egyptian model, is quite the opposite of that. However, even though she was incredibly beautiful, the crimes she committed were hideous. Omaima met, married, and murdered 56 year old Bill Nelson, all within a couple of months. After the killing, she spent three days dismembering the body, disposing of some parts, and cooking the rest. Join us to find out all of the grisly details, but be warned, this episode is not for the faint of heart. Make sure to check out our socials and add to the conversation. Let us know what your thoughts are on this episode and answer our question at the end. We might even share your response on next weeks show! Email: murderandmerlot@gmail.comFacebook: Murder & Merlot Instagram: @murdermerlotpodcast Twitter: @murderandmerlo1Cheers! *Tink*Psst.. don't like all the chit-chat? That's cool. Skip to 19:16 to start the case. 

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