15. Hinterkaifeck- The Unsolved Family Massacre (Mini)

15. Hinterkaifeck- The Unsolved Family Massacre (Mini)

Grab your glass and get cozy, let's talk about murder! Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of unsolved cases, we promise you, this story is equally fascinating and disturbing. With so many twists and turns, it is no wonder that the bizarre and brutal Hinterkaifeck murders are still often discussed, and debated, to this day. In the early 1920s, an entire German family and their new maid were systematically killed, one by one, in the barn, and in their home. The perpetrator of this horrific crime was never brought to justice, however, many theories continue to stand the test of time. Was it a bitter past lover, a deceased husband who may or may not have come back from the dead, or was it a crazed individual unknown to the family? Join us to find out all of the grisly details and let us now what you decide!Make sure to check out our socials and add to the conversation. Share your thoughts on this episode and answer our question at the end. We might even read your response on next weeks show! Email: murderandmerlot@gmail.comFacebook: Murder & Merlot Instagram: @murdermerlotpodcast Twitter: @murderandmerlo1Cheers! *Tink*Psst.. don't like all the chit-chat? That's cool. Skip to 11:42 to start the case.

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