17. The Worst 'Dexter Killer' Ever- Mark Twitchell (Mini)

17. The Worst 'Dexter Killer' Ever- Mark Twitchell (Mini)

Grab your glass and get cozy, let’s talk about murder! Continuing with the theme of Canadian murders, this week we are discussing the case of the so-called ‘Dexter Killer’ from Edmonton, Alberta… or as the locals call it, “Deadmonton”. One man meets a woman online, goes on a date, and is never seen alive again.A second man meets a woman online, but instead of a date, he gets attacked by a madman wearing a hockey mask.. Did we mention this was in Canada? An aspiring filmmaker turns to murder for inspiration, after he catfishes his victims online. He then writes about the experiences in the hopes of making it into a movie. Join us to find out how an Edmonton Detective puts all of the pieces together in order to solve this strange case, along with the help of the victim's dedicated friends and family. Make sure to check out our socials and add to the conversation. As always, answer our question at the end and we might even read your response on next week's show! Email: murderandmerlot@gmail.comFacebook: Murder & Merlot PodcastInstagram: @murdermerlotpodcast Twitter: @murderandmerlo1Cheers! *Tink*Psst.. don't like all the chit-chat? That's cool. Skip to 6:55 to start the case.

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