Murder & Merlot Update & Announcement!

Murder & Merlot Update & Announcement!

Grab your glass and get cozy, we have some announcements! This clearly is not a normal episode but we wanted to share with you some updates as to how we will be structuring our show from now on. In short, we will be separating our full case episodes and our book club episodes completely, PLUS we are introducing a new type of mini-episode: The Mourning News! You'll have to listen to find out all of the details! We also have an exciting announcement at the end that you won't want to miss out on! When you're done the episode, you'll definitely want to head on over to our socials:  Email: murderandmerlot@gmail.comFacebook: Murder & Merlot PodcastInstagram: @murdermerlotpodcast Twitter: @murderandmerlo1 Cheers! *Tink* Note, this episode was supposed to be uploaded a week ago, so if the timelines don't completely make sense, that would be why! 

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