Murderous Minors: killer kids

67: Veritas (Sinedu Tadesse)

67: Veritas (Sinedu Tadesse)

Murderous Minors goes to college, but not just any college, Harvard University, the best of the best in terms of higher education, where on the last day of school, 1995, 19-year-old Sinedu Tadesse murdered 20-year-old Trang Ho, in their dorm at Dunster House. We also mention:Oregon Senate Bill 1008Jonathan Daniel KirkpatrickCrystal Jessica SimmonsAndrew VineyardKevin AdamsGina GrantBrought to you by EveryPlate - use code 'warbaby1' at to get a week of meals at $3.99 each!Music:We Talk of Dreamswww.purple-planet.comSources:Halfway Heaven by Melanie Thernstrom

Duration: 41 min

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