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The Family Business

The Family Business

How murder, mayhem and a not so average mom shaped the life of Hollywood filmmaker Nicholas Musurca. Nick’s specialty is horror films. His childhood revolved around his mother’s unusual occupation- TV crime reporter for 48 Hours. He grew up on tales of abducted children, eerie crime scenes and serial killers. One of those notorious murderers, known as “BTK,” mailed some of his artwork to the house. Why? Because his mother gave out their home address.Nick's mother, none other than crime reporter Erin Moriarty, believed that the killer’s artwork was essential to reporting the story… and she figured the killer wasn’t getting out of jail anytime soon. This funny, warm, biting podcast about combining motherhood with investigating murder delves into the relationship between Hollywood horror and true crime. Hosted jointly by Erin Moriarty and her partner in crime at 48 Hours, correspondent Richard Schlesinger, the podcast showcases what it’s like to cover some of the country’s most infamous crimes and the victims who must live through them.

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