Rosemary Orchard & Scotty Jackson

Episode 23: Rose’s DEVONthink Setup

Episode 23: Rose’s DEVONthink Setup

A very special thank you to DEVONtechnologies for sponsoring this bonus episode of Nested Folders. In it, Scotty interviews Rose and explores her setup, architecture, and usage of DEVONthink to organize her projects, studies, reference material, version control, and life. Follow our special link to the DEVONtechnologies website to enjoy a 10% discount on any of the editions of DEVONthink, a special for listeners of Nested Folders! Other apps that complement Rose’s use of DEVONthink: DEVONthink Reminders Send to DEVONthink action for Drafts Yoink PopClip DEVONthink browser extensions Zapier IFTTT Hazel Shortcuts Scotty’s setup is available on Nested Folders episode 20. If you enjoy Nested Folders, we’d love your support as a subscriber of Unnested Folders, where we produce monthly bonus supporter-only episodes to discuss and try to help solution listener questions and challenges. Thanks everyone!

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