Rosemary Orchard & Scotty Jackson

Episode 30: Scotty’s Agenda Setup

Episode 30: Scotty’s Agenda Setup

Our thanks to Agenda for sponsoring this second of two special episodes, where Rose interviews Scotty about his setup and usage of Agenda, what he keeps there, and how it fits in his workflows. Links to resources mentioned: Agenda Agenda x-callback-url scheme Agenda Community Nested Folders episode 26: Rose’s Agenda Setup Daily Journal Shortcut Rapid Logging/Bullet Journaling Shortcut Meeting Wrap Up Shortcut List Manager Shortcut Agenda and OmniFocus Project Maker Shortcut Shortcut to Make Rich Text from Markdown and Email If you enjoy Nested Folders, we’d love your support as a subscriber of Unnested Folders, where we produce monthly bonus supporter-only episodes to discuss and try to help solution listener questions and challenges. Thanks everyone!

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