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Episode 32: GTD Workflow Part III/IV: Review

Episode 32: GTD Workflow Part III/IV: Review

In part three of our GTD workflow series, we tackle part four of the GTD workflow: review (sorry for the numbering). From the weekly review to inbox sweeps to larger horizon reviews, we touch on this aspect of the Getting Things Done methodology. We mention and love: Nested Folder episode 5: How We Weekly Review Nested Folders episode 13: The Year End Review GTD Weekly Review Checklist Nested Folders episode 11: Someday/Maybe/Never Nested Folders episode 31: One Year of Nested Folders Rose’s Daily Brief on Automators episode 47: The Daily Brief Scotty’s Daily Journal (with Agenda and OmniFocus) If you enjoy Nested Folders, we’d love your support as a subscriber of Unnested Folders, where we produce monthly bonus supporter-only episodes to discuss and try to help solution listener questions and challenges. Thanks everyone!

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