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The Education With Industry Experience

The Education With Industry Experience

The Education With Industry Experience Description: In this episode of Office Call, Lt Col John Forbes interviews Education With Industry (EWI) students Capt Will Liaw and MSgt Inna Lvova. They discuss their experience with Apple and initiatives which we can implement in the Financial Management (FM) to be more efficient. Additionally, we give a sneak peek into the Office Call’s new series called Let’s Get Fiscal where Capt Garrett Custons and Lt Matt Chumaceiro discuss areas where we can implement innovation within FM.   The Air Force EWI Program is a highly selective, competitive, career development program designed to improve the technical, professional, and management competencies of participating students by partnering with top tier public and private sector companies. During the ten-month tour, students embed with an industry team to meet their specific career desired learning objectives. Through hands-on exposure to industry best practices, students develop the necessary competencies, skills, knowledge, and abilities to build, sustain and retain a mission-ready workforce, as well as learn how to better partner with industry in the future. The Program is sponsored by SAF/AQ and managed by the Air Force Institute of Technology. The ultimate goal of the program is to develop Air Force leaders with greater business acumen and empathy with the expertise to implement innovative practices when they return to the Air Force. Upon completion, graduates are assigned to Air Force duty consistent with their EWI experience. Podcast mentions: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries Grit by Angela Duckworth The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek Change the Culture, Change the Game by Roger Connors and Tom Smith Stuff You Should Know Podcast The President’s Inbox Podcast Microsoft Azure

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