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Launching our fundraising!

Launching our fundraising!

Go to our website omegamanpodcast.com for more information or search for "Omegaman finish season 1" on indiegogo. What We Need & What You GetThe first 7 episodes were paid for out of pocket by me, Jason Chao, the writer, director, and editor of Omegaman. But I need more funding to help finish the season and attempt another. Much of the cost is to help feed my family while I write, record, and edit, but also to help pay the actors and crew what they are worth and to be able to access the tools and libraries to really make the audio drama come alive.  What you get is the advancement of the story that hopefully you already like. And if you give extra, you may even score a cameo in an upcoming episode.  Our current perk levels are: $20 donation = I'll include your name in the show notes of each episode and online at our website. $50 donation = previous perk as well as a 1 week exclusive sneak peak when the rest of the season drops.  $100 donation = Previous perk as well as your name will be credited by me at the end of every episode for the remainder of season 1. $200 donation = You will be credited with a special thanks at the beginning of every episode in the remainder of season 1 (which you can voice record your name yourself). $300+ donation = All of the previous perks as well as a minimum one-line cameo in one of the upcoming episodes.  If you don't wish to be credited, please let me know and I will keep you anonymous.  What I can do with each of our goals:For each of our goals, I can gauge the interest in the show and spend time and resources accordingly. $4000 - Finish Season 1 and call it a day. I have an idea for a ending that will take around 3-4 episodes more. It will conclude Omegaman.  $6000 - Finish Season 1 on a budget and leave room for Season 2. This will be about another 7 episodes. The budget will come from the fact that I won't be adding many more character and also will be keeping sound effects free and simple. $8000 - previous one but just better. I can get more actors to fill in some of the roles that we haven't heard from yet (Warden Jeffries, William and Anikka Gaines, and more) and also gain access to higher quality recording equipment and sound libraries.  $10,000+ - Everything and more. I will probably start writing season 2. I really doubt I'll get here so if I do, I'll have to think about more of what I can do Support this podcast

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