Jason Chao

Midseason fundraising

Midseason fundraising

This is Jason Chao, writer and director of Omegaman. Before anything else I want to give credit to two people who you didn’t hear in our end credits. Thanks to Kim Bowen, our sound recorder and production mixer and also to Christopher Lim who designed the cover at. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to our first 7 episodes, which I originally envisioned as half a season. So I’m asking for your help to keep going. First, if you like the show, make sure you subscribe wherever you get podcasts and share it wherever you can with whomever you can. Secondly, we’re getting ready to launch a fundraising campaign on May 1st, 2020 in order to raise the funds needed to finish this season and also maybe clean up some things in the last 7 episodes. Like what you ask? Well to start with, all of our cast and crew basically took pennies compared to what they’re worth and I would love to be able to fairly compensate them for their time and work. Then you may notice a lot of the sound effects, especially footsteps were re-used and didn’t quite fit perfectly. This was because I was using sounds that while I appreciate were free, were limited (Big shout out to freesound.org). I envision a lot of big things as our characters spill out from the prison into the city and I would love to be able to access high quality and expansive sound libraries in order to tell that story. If you would like to donate now, please go to Omegamanpodcast.com where you can donate directly, or consider supporting me on Patreon. Otherwise we hope to be able to really start strong with our fundraising campaign, so please once again subscribe our emails at omegamanpodcast.com and subscribe to the show where you get podcasts. Thanks for listening. Support this podcast

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