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SNEAK PEEK: Gold Foil Edges Episode 1

SNEAK PEEK: Gold Foil Edges Episode 1

This is Jason Chao, writer and director of Omegaman. As you’ve heard, Omegaman is a bit of a bigger production. A large cast, lots of sound effects and multiple locations. Why we’re fundraising is mostly to pay for all of those things and people. But part of what I love about audio as a story-telling format is that you can still tell stories with just one voice, a microphone, and a little imagination. So here’s a sneak peek at another audio project of mine: gold foil edges. Gold foil edges is biblically inspired fiction, narrated and voiced by me – although I may bring in some additional cast members – that explores some of the side characters in the bible. I’d like to explain it more, but I figure, might as well just let you hear it for yourself. This sneak peek episode is entitled: “Itri and the prodigal sons” Support this podcast

Duration: 27 min

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