Patrick Timpone

The Big Question is How Long Will They Run This Thing?, July 24, 2020

The Big Question is How Long Will They Run This Thing?, July 24, 2020

Open Phone Friday Show highlights: Forced vaccination for a Covid vaccine In a republic, the majority can not take away the God given rights of anyone The difference between a democracy and a republic Double blind studies supposed to be required for vaccines to prove safety, efficacy, and effectiveness Reduced capacity in restaurants and mandated masks in different states What is the motivation behind governors complying with Covid standards? How does hydrogen compare to ozone? Hydrogen is the more efficient and effective antioxidant Oxidation is one of the causes for bad skin Comparing the model of HIV to that of Covid Evidence showing the HIV test couldn’t delineate the virus There are ways to remain separate or in a different reality than others The more invested we are in our opinion then more energy we put into a situation The cities where most businesses are closed 5,000 businesses have permanently closed in Los Angeles, 6,000 temporarily closed We are all connected spiritually The 100th monkey theory Calling Covid “The great awakening” Diluting plasma shown to reverse the signs of aging in mice Creating good karma for yourself and evolving spiritually We create our next reality through this reality Testing for hormonal cystic acne When were reacting to physical reality with stress, hormones become unbalanced

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