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3. Andrew Skurka

3. Andrew Skurka

Shanty catches up with backpacking and navigation expert Andrew Skurka. Skurka started his long distance hiking career in 2002 when he completed the 2,170-mile Appalachian Trail as a novice backpacker. From there, Skurka took his hiking status to the next level by laying down the first tracks on three enormous, untouched routes in America. Through those thousands of miles of solo hiking, Skurka has become a master at finding his way in the wilderness. Listen in as Skurka takes us through his unusual progression of long-distance hiking, from the well worn path of the AT to these high-risk, high-mileage adventures. In the process, Skurka also touches on the multiple high routes he’s created in recent years, what he carries in his backcountry navigation kit, and the one, simple concept that everyone can do to stay found in the backcountry.

Duration: 55 min

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