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Falling For Hype: Nike Yeezy 1 vs. Nike Yeezy 2, Foot Locker Invests $100 Million in GOAT, NBA All-Star Sneakers

Falling For Hype: Nike Yeezy 1 vs. Nike Yeezy 2, Foot Locker Invests $100 Million in GOAT, NBA All-Star Sneakers

On Episode 4 of Season 2 we reveal when we've fallen for the hype, have our first big disagreement about the Nike YEEZYS, discuss the Foot Locker x GOAT partnership, and the problems with NBA All-Star sneaker releases. 3:40 When did we fall for the hype and regret it? 4:10 Is everyone over the Yeezy trend?? 5:10 “I don’t want to show up and ten people have on the same shoes I have on.” - Jacques 5:45 "I fall for my own hype.” - Nick 7:20 “No, this is really cool enough to put up with the pain [of wearing them].” - Nick 8:20 “As an employee…you don’t end up with a collection of 300 pairs of shoes without thinking something is going to be hyped.” - Tiffany 8:40 "I found myself buying shoes I didn’t like.” - Tiffany 9:20 “We all fall for the hype. The brands rely on it.” - Tiffany 10:00 Nike Air Yeezy 1 versus Nike Air Yeezy 2 10:20 “I COMPLETELY DISAGREE!!” - Tiffany 11:25 Teaching Kanye West About The Sneaker Business 12:40 TALK THAT TALK TIFFANY! 13:00 Jacques is biased 15:00 Nick misses the old Kanye 16:30 Making mistakes happens 17:25 Our prediction was wrong 18:15 What happened to the GOAT x Kyle Kuzma deal? 19:30 Do you take three pairs to the gym? 23:00 “I think having an NBA player makes it more legitimate.” - Jacques 23:45 Foot Locker Invests $100 Million In GOAT 24:30 How big is the secondary market for sneakers? 26:00 Breaking down the SNEAKER MARKET vs. RESELL MARKET 33:25 Can Foot Locker take advantage of resale prices now? 36:00 Is there a difference between retail and resale? It’s all sneakers 42:00 The cost of production increases since 2011 45:00 We want to hear from you! 46:40 Jacques aka “The Love Guru” 47:20 All-Star Sneakers - The Energy Has Died 48:00 When the NBA plays versus when amateurs play 48:35 “I’d love to see more crazy shoes.” - Tiffany  49:30 The cadence of sneaker releases in basketball 51:10 A moment of silence 52:00 Where are the superstars in the dunk contest? 56:48 WILL THIS BE TIFFANY’s LAST SHOW? ►SUBSCRIBE TO TIFFANY: www.youtube.com/user/rumblebeersTwitter: twitter.com/TiffanyBeers Instagram: www.instagram.com/tiffanybeers/ ►SUBSCRIBE TO NICK: www.youtube.com/sneakerhistory Twitter: twitter.com/Nickengvall Instagram: www.instagram.com/nickengvall ►SUBSCRIBE TO JACQUES: www.youtube.com/user/kustooTwitter: twitter.com/kustoo Instagram: www.instagram.com/kustoo

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