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The Bathtub - Episode 3 - Let's be Frank (Penultimate Episode)

The Bathtub - Episode 3 - Let's be Frank (Penultimate Episode)

This is Episode 3 of Season Two of Pi_Rational Stories, titled "The Bathtub". Let's be Frank. Back and forth, back and forth...the pacing above continues. Richard is becoming more and more unhinged. He finally gets a look into the apartment above him - and into the darkness beneath.  Narration for The Bathtub delivered with haunting brilliance by Neil Hellegers. His work can be found at: Music for The Bathtub exceptionally composed by David Williams. Check out what else he does here: Pi_Rational Stories is a member of the Crawlspace Media family. For more information go to: --- Support this podcast:

Duration: 24 min

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