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The Mask - Episode Four - ACorN & The Predictive Analysis

The Mask - Episode Four - ACorN & The Predictive Analysis

Series synopsis: Integration now. There is a society of masked, detached humans that exists in the future. A man finds an ancient object and realizes it is a journal from many years ago. As he reads on, the man realizes that his life had been manipulated by an artificial intelligence network that is now running the world. While the man learns how it all happened, he slowly discovers how to once again be a human. In Episode Four, ACorN & The Predictive Analysis, as One tackles the prospect of Children with the Other, his reading of the journal continues.  To his astonishment, he discovers the traitor author may have started it all. In a moment of inspiration, One takes off The Mask... Hauntingly narrated by Eileen Stevens & Christopher Garetano. For more information on these talented individuals, visit and Music and audio engineering for The Mask executed by David Williams. Check out more of his wonderful creations here: Pi_Rational Stories is a member of the Crawlspace Media family. For more information go to:  and --- Support this podcast:

Duration: 16 min

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