Karissa Mather and Cate Lilja - Optima Nutricosmetics

Karissa Mather and Cate Lilja - Optima Nutricosmetics

In this episode of Pitch to Scale, Samar McHeileh speaks with Karissa Mather and Cate Lilja co-founders of Optima Nutricosmetics Did you know that great skin starts in the gut? It's true, healthy, vibrant skin needs a healthy, balanced gut, one simply cannot exist without the other. The gut-skin connection is extremely complex but luckily, Karissa Mather and Cate Lilja co founders of Optima Nutricosmetics have your skin covered. The pair has created a skin food elixir to help our bodies maintain its delicate balance with a scientifically proven formula! Optima is the culmination of years of extensive research and development, underpinned by the over 40 years combined industry experience of the founders. Karissa and Cate share their own healing journeys that has cultivated their passion to create sustainable products with pure ingredients, potent formulas with proven results. Optima Nutricosmetics: Interested in learning more about Scale:

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