Trish Mackie-Smith - Inndox

Trish Mackie-Smith - Inndox

In this episode of Pitch to Scale, Samar McHeileh speaks with Trish Mackie-Smith founder of Inndox, a the digital logbook for your property. It is a secure app that holds everything about a property from design through to appliance warranties in the one place. Inndox is revolutionising the way Property Developers and Construction Companies capture, manage and share property information from planning to completion and transfer to future owners. In the wake of some of the most devastating building disasters in Australia, former property lawyer and co-founder of Australia's most awarded building consultancy, Trish Mackie-Smith is at the forefront of the unfair systems and practices some homeowners are faced with. Curious about Inndox: Interested in learning more about Scale:

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