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The Orville Official Fan Podcast Season 2 Finale (38)

The Orville Official Fan Podcast Season 2 Finale (38)

Welcome to The Orville Season 2 finale episode of The Orville's Official Podcast, Planetary Union Network! It's been a great season and we're glad we got to enjoy it with all of you! In this episode, co-hosts Joe and Michael chat about S02E14 The Road Not Taken. AVENGERS ENDGAME SPOILER WARNING: It's a minor spoiler but we do draw a parallel in this episode so if you haven't seen Endgame yet you will need to skip one minute starting at 29:35. We also tease some future PUNcast guests near the end. We'll let you know about if Season 3 is a go or no-go whenever we know. Be sure to follow Planetary Union Network: The Orville Official Fan Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and hit the website at  

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