Josh Hallmark

I'm Coming Out (Remix)

I'm Coming Out (Remix)

In honor of LGBTQ month and National Coming Out Day, Erica Kelley (Southern Fried True Crime), Tawny Platis (The Dirty Bits), Tommy Estlund (The Curiosity Hour), and I discuss our favorite songs from LGBTQ artists. We laugh, we cry, we discuss puppy love, coming out, and trans anthems. Music Featured:• 1950 by King Princess (Tommy) • Animal by Troye Sivan (Josh) • Breathe Me by Sia (Tawny) • Cloud On My Tongue by Tori Amos (Erica) • Don't Run Away, Emilie by Torres (Josh) • Call It Off by Tegan + Sara (Tawny) • I Am Her by Shea Diamond (Tommy) • Freedom 90 by George Michael (Erica)

Duration: 1 hr 14 min

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