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Ep 2: Parenting 101: Piccolo

Ep 2: Parenting 101: Piccolo

So we have 1 year until the saiyans get here and we are starting this week with a little kidnapping. Well we dont, Piccolo does and he's calling it "training" but it looks more like battle royal to us. In episodes 6-10 it's pretty much all about gohan crying..........and goku doing a lot of running but mostly gohan crying as he is forced to survive on his own for 6 months. I wonder what Chi Chi thinks? Does goku even care? Find out on this episode of THE PODCAST OF POWER!!!Music this episode by:MusicalityItsmusicality.comTwitter.com/MusicalitybeatsFacebook.com/MusicalityMusicInstagram.com/MusicalityMusicMusicalityMusicSoundCloud.com/MusicalityMusic

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