Prajna Fire

03 | Craving

03 | Craving

In this episode of Prajna Sparks, Lama Yeshe teaches about craving, the origin of dukkha (in English: suffering, discontent, unsatisfying). Yeshe and Tania have a conversation about marshmallows. Lama Zopa leads a guided meditation presenting shamatha (English: tranquility, or calm abiding) practice and an analytical meditation focused on an experiential analysis of craving. EPISODE CONTENTS 00:34 Teaching by Lama Yeshe 18:03 Conversation with Lama Yeshe and Tania Israel 40:51 Song: Craving Subsides (to the tune of The Circle Game), lyrics by Tania Israel, vocals by Heather Stevenson 45:38 Guided meditation by Lama Zopa PRAJNA SPARKS follows the lunar calendar. Look for new episodes on the new and full moons (USA Mountain Time). FIND US @prajnasparks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Sing-a-long with us on YouTube Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa ( Tania Israel ( Heather Stevenson ( Shivnee Ratna, Tibetan singing bowls (

Duration: 58 min

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