145. Deadly Illusion (1987) - Part 1

145. Deadly Illusion (1987) - Part 1

We kick off Larry Cohen Month by bringing along Billy Dee Williams to explore a Deadly Illusion. Hamberger (don't make fun of his name, okay?) is a crack-shot private investigator who is hired to kill a man's wife. Since things aren't always as they seem in a Larry Cohen movie, what's really going on? Do the rich folks live on Plum Island? Will they solve the JFK Assassination in this movie? Will Hamberger deflect a killing blow with a head of lettuce. We'll know for sure in Part 2 on Thursday. Sign up for Patreon to unlock hours of bonus content! Rate and review us wherever you find the show!  Follow us on social media:  Twitter: @predictocast Instagram: @predictocast Facebook: Check out our entire back catalogue at Drop us a line at predictocast (at) gmail (dot) com

Duration: 38 min

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