Falan DeAnn; Nay

PS5 got me geeked

PS5 got me geeked

This week in hot topics, Nay and Falan DeAnn talk J.Cole and NoName and all the latest on the black lives matter movement including all the companies rebranding products. They talk about the Trump rally in Tulsa,JK Rawling's comments on transgender women and the Harry Potter backlash. In relationships, we ask have you ever waited for a significant other to choose you? We also ask when you have a moment of loneliness that hits what do you do? In the Nerd Moment of the week, Nay gives her review of Netflix's the Order season 2 and her excitement for the Playstion 5. Please be sure to subscribe/follow/download/share the Pretty Nerdz Podcast and provide your feedback, comments and topics you would like to hear the ladies touch on. website: www.prettynerdzpodcast.com The Pretty Nerdz podcast is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and SoundCloud. iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/prett…ast/id1411139679 Spotify: open.spotify.com/show/7icNCCcWaf8UvVFhz0gGE9 SoundCloud: @user-545777471 Follow the show on Instagram @prettynerdzpodcast for exclusives and to submit questions, topics and comments as they will be featured on the show. Also be sure to follow the Pretty Nerdz themselves on instagram. Falan DeAnn @purplesatinkisses Nay @nay.lolo

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