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Encore: Preparing your pelvic floor and core for birth with Anita Lambert

Encore: Preparing your pelvic floor and core for birth with Anita Lambert

Anita Lambert is the owner of Holistic Health Physiotherapy and a Registered Pelvic Health and Orthopaedic Physiotherapist with a focus on women's health, specifically prenatal and postpartum care. She’s one of the select few physiotherapists in Canada to receive advanced training in labor support, which blends orthopedic physiotherapy expertise with birth doula support. Anita is always looking to share and learn up-to-date information about pregnancy, birth and beyond which led her to co-host the To Birth & Beyond Podcast. You can usually find Anita on the move - whether playing with her kids or exercising with strength training, spin, yoga or Pilates. Anita lives in Peterborough, Ontario with her husband Andy, daughter Pippa and the newest addition to the family - baby Jack. In this episode, you’ll hear about: Anita’s work with prenatal and postpartum care (1:27) To Birth and Beyond Podcast Where your Pelvic Floor is (5:53) Preparing Your Pelvic Floor for Birth Podcast Kegel exercises (8:27) Best time to do Kegel exercises (most women do it wrong) (9:00) In-Depth Birth Prep Podcast Flower Bloom Breathe to expedite labor — How to video (10:40) Perineal Massage — How to video  (12:30) Massage oil recommendations (15:50) Exercises to prepare for birth (16:30) Spinning Babies Daily Essentials Video Ways to ease your birth (17:50) If you feel drawn to Anita, you can find her on Instagram here, Facebook, her site, and her amazing podcast To Birth and Beyond. If thinking about birth gives you the jitters, Anita’s shares solid advice to help you prepare here. If I was pregnant, I would’ve downloaded this.

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