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Messages of Hope During Uncertain Times with Past Guests

Messages of Hope During Uncertain Times with Past Guests

This is a special episode. Imagine the song, We Are the World, and a Ted Talk had a baby. If you're pregnant during the pandemic, we sing this one for you. It's good for those I-can't-do-this-anymore moments. A few guests share words of wisdom to help you navigate a whole new world. I hope their messages lift your soul. Help you find the power within to keep going (even when things are bad). Make you exhale deeper. I can't wait for you to hear this. So much love, Kristy In this episode, you'll hear about: Episode 006: The Dadhood Journey with Dr. Jay Warren What Can You Look Forward to? — Dr. Jay Warren Episode 039: The Five Questions You Must Ask Before Birth with Deb Flashenberg This Too Shall Pass — Deb Flashenberg 034: Using Your Intuition to Imporove Your Birth & Pregnancy Experience with Adriana Lozada You are RESILIENT — Adriana Lozada 075: How to Have a Luxurious Pregnancy with HeHe Stuart Staying in Control of Your Birth: You Can Do This — HeHe Stuart 010: The Mommy Lifecycle with Dr. Cleopatra We Have HOPE Even When Things Feel Terrible — Dr. Cleopatra  

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