A Beginner's Guide to QUT ft. Josh Mendes

A Beginner's Guide to QUT ft. Josh Mendes

This episode covers several useful tips about how to best enjoy uni life that will be helpful for new (and even existing) QUT students. Not only this, but it also features special guest Josh Mendes. Josh is the current face of QUT StalkerSpace and the Bot Bar and we loved being able to have a chat with him! So, if you want to learn some more about uni, StalkerSpace, the Bot Bar or just want to hear Josh Mendes' angelic voice, this is the episode for you.   Hosted by Joshua B Phillips, Jasmine Saxvic and Jason Damot. Produced by Joshua B Phillips. Edited by Francesca Brzoskowski. Cover art by Jasmine Saxvic.

Duration: 48 min

Release Date:

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