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RFT 409: In Praise of Pilot Spouses

RFT 409: In Praise of Pilot Spouses

It takes a special type of person to be an aviation spouse. The pilot will only be working when he/she is away from home. It seems most household emergencies occur during this time. Unlike normal office jobs, pilots frequently commute to their places of work, putting them away from home for even longer periods. And, unlike most office jobs, pilots (especially military pilots) relocate a lot. Every relocation means spouses must deal with everything that follows: finding new doctors, new schools for children, new job for the spouse. So let’s take a few minutes to honor aviation spouses this holiday period. My military Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and civilian moves: USAFA to Laughlin AFB Laughlin to DaNang AB DaNang AB to Mather AFB Mather AFB to Homestead AFB Homestead AFB to Ubon RTAFB Ubon RTAFB to Kadena AB Kadena AB to Patrick AFB Patrick AFB to Denver, CO Denver, CO to San Jose, CA San Jose, CA to Patrick AFB Patrick AFB to Yokota AB Yokota AB to Denver, CO Denver, CO to Orlando, FL Orlando, FL to Castle Rock, CO The above list does not include Temporary Duty (TDY assignments, some lasting for several months.

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