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Patient Financing Solutions For Your Practice

Patient Financing Solutions For Your Practice

In this episode of the Regenerative Warrior podcast, we talk about: The challenges facing doctors in assisting their patients with medical financing. The possible solutions and options (http://bit.ly/2qaIlcC) that doctors could do to help their patients financially. How multiple tiered payment plans can help doctors offer more options for their patients. The advantages of implementing a no denial patient financing How doctors can implement a no denial patient financing for their practice. For more information about today’s episode, visit our website at drrosscarter.com or text us your name and any question you might have to 561-962-1231. And if you want to become a guest on our show, or want Dr. Carter to present at your event, or you want to learn more about coaching, consulting, allografts, exosomes, supplements, legal help, or how to create a million dollar business card and dominate your area, we’re here to help you. Just text your name any question to 561-962-1231 or go to our website at drrosscarter.com to learn more. Thanks for listening! Please subscribe to be notified of all new episodes. You can also like and share each episode to help us grow!

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