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29. The Art Of Progression & How To Become A Story Worth Telling With Kyle Masterson

29. The Art Of Progression & How To Become A Story Worth Telling With Kyle Masterson

“Champions dont have the best of everything they make the best of everything.” -Damon Martin Our guest Kyle Masterson is the epitome of a story worth telling. Kyle grew up in Northeast Ohio where distance running is considered to be extremely competitive in comparison to other states in the US. Although Kyle was talented in high school, he was often overshadowed by runners who were simply on another level. In pursuit of developing as a distance runner, Kyle chose to take the road less traveled by not going to any one of the numerous universities that would have guaranteed him scholarships to continue his running career. The year following high school he instead chose to walk-on to the most storied running program in the history of collegiate cross country, Adams State University.   On paper Kyle was not close to being considered a varsity runner, but he knew that if he surrounded himself with talented athletes and great coaches he too could become great. So Kyle traveled the 1,700 miles from home in pursuit of a challenge and the with the desire of becoming a story worth telling. Like most collegiate athletes he experienced injuries, setbacks, and moments of frustration. However, through his incredible dedication, consistency, and unwavering faith he was able to develop into one of the country’s best distance runners.   Kyle graduated Adam’s State as a three time All-American and as a member of multiple national championship teams. Kyle currently lives in Colorado with his wife Lauren and is pursuing his passion as professional distance runner for Skechers Performance. Recently Kyle was 1 of 24 Americans who competed at the United States Track & Field Championships in the 10,000 meters in Des Moines, Iowa.   High School Personal Bests 1600-4:25 3200-9:50 5k-16:12 Overall Personal Bests 3 X All-American 3k-8:16 5k-14:03 8k-24:03 (on grass) 10k-29:10   Website- Kyle’s Book Suggestion: The Brave Athlete (Simon Marshall)   Sponsors: Audible: Get a FREE audiobook download and 30 day free trial at Over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player. McBrearty Soft Tissue & Sport Chiropractic: Go to click on appointments and schedule your movement assessment today.      

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