62. Summer Racing: 4th of July Race Tips

62. Summer Racing: 4th of July Race Tips

The 4th of July is coming up! This is a very popular time to run a 5k or 10k race in the USA. However, this is also typically a very hot time of year for a race. This year there may not be any official races, but we are putting on another virtual race for this traditional race day! We will be discussing the details of how to run your best race on the 4th! How should you approach a race in the middle of the summer? Do some people struggle more in the heat? Do you struggle? What is the difference between running a race & racing a race? Do you think that the 4th of July races are worth going all in and racing? Do you see a lot of PRs set over the 4th of july? What is the mindset athletes should have going into these races? How should you adjust your goals for the temps? What is a good pacing plan to have? Other things to consider like long runs later this weekend & travel plans? Don’t want to overdo it Bottom line: have fun! Enjoy it out there. It is all about the holiday

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