66. Cutback Weeks: Are You Missing a Critical Part of Training?

66. Cutback Weeks: Are You Missing a Critical Part of Training?

Down Week: If you haven’t had one in awhile you should take one We are amidst peak training for fall races. We don’t want to be feeling completely exhausted from our training just yet because the taper can still be a few weeks away for many of us. It is really hard for athletes to take an extra day off or do a cut back week during training because they are worried it might negatively impact their training. We are taking a dive into the benefits of taking time off even during the marathon training cycle Do you think running every day is good? How do you know when it becomes too much How long do you think an athlete can go before seeing their running have very negative impacts from not resting enough? What is a ‘cut back week’ & why is it important? Should you run long every weekend? Do you think most people do cut back weeks? Why not? What if you feel good? Do you still have to do a cutback week? Is it important to rest before you feel like you have to? How does human physiology work when it comes to recovery? What is the benefit of a rest day over running easy? Should you cross training or strength train on your rest days? When should you take your weekly rest days? What if you are scared to take a rest day or are on a run streak? How long will it take to lose your fitness?

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