S04: E03 - Minimalist marathoning

S04: E03 - Minimalist marathoning

In this episode we're talking about a minimalist approach to achieving a performance goal time for the marathon. Realising that high mileage is an unlikely pathway for Lisa to run a sub 3:00 marathon, we talk about the bare minimum required to get her to the start line healthy, injury free, and with a fighting chance of realising her goal. Brian is gaining fitness and is now targeting a half-marathon in November. Meanwhile, Lisa is in recovery mode having eliminated some items off her stress list. Resources and references discussed in this episode: Sub 3:00 marathon on Three runs per week. Runner's Tribe article on breaking down sub 3:00 marathon. Inside Running Podcast: Interview with low mileage elite 059 Louie Rowan. Ballarat fun run Run for a Cause. Connect with Brian and Lisa: email Blog: Brian's Running Technique Book Brian's Running Form Drills eBook and free online resources. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: @BrianRunCoach 

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