S04: E04 - Marathon methods compared

S04: E04 - Marathon methods compared

In this episode Brian compares three Marathon programs to draw inspiration for Lisa's Tokyo Marathon campaign. And in the wake of Mary Cain's powerful description of the physical and emotional harm she suffered at the Nike Oregon Project, we rant about ignorant coaches that focus on weight as a training outcome. Lisa starts enjoying running again as the stress list diminishes. Meanwhile, Brian is about to run a half marathon off a consistent but very light training regime. Coaching call 28 October 2019 at 1:07:00. Coaching call 4 November 2019 at 1:25:00 Resources and references discussed in this episode: Mary Cain NY Times Editorial. Sub 3:00 marathon on Three runs per week. Advanced Marathoning 3rd Edition. Hanson's Marathon Method. Ballarat fun run Run for a Cause. Connect with Brian and Lisa: email Blog: Brian's Running Technique Book Brian's Running Form Drills eBook and free online resources. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: @BrianRunCoach 

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