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The Anal Episode

The Anal Episode

Butt play gets a bad wrap but is it really something to be ashamed of? And if you're not a fan is it because it's not for you or because you haven't properly prepared yourself? From figuring out which lube to use so you're not screaming in agony to dealing with the 'poo problem', this is a no-holds-barred conversation about bum fun that's guaranteed to answer every pervy question you've ever had. READ MORE Five things to know about anal sex before you try it Anal sex prep guide Five women share their anal horror stories CONTACT US Hosts: Rachel Corbett, Samantha X & Dr. Lauren Rosewarne. Executive Producer: Rachel Corbett Producer: Luca Lavigne Ask Samantha X a question: 02 8999 9386.  Or fling us an email:  JOIN OUR SEALED SECTION GROUP ON FACEBOOK. You can buy Samantha's books at This show is part of the Mamamia Podcast Network.  See for privacy information.

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