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Episode 50: Sex with Asexuals and Aromantics

Episode 50: Sex with Asexuals and Aromantics

Chris chats with asexuals and aromantics about sex, fantasies, masturbation, non-sexualized kink, attraction, romantic relationships, fan fiction, stigma, representation, misconceptions about being ace and aro, and what it means to be queer, among many other topics. Guests include Dr. Pragati Singh, founder of Indian Aces and one of the BBC's 100 Inspiring and Influential Women of 2019, Courtney Lang, host of the A OK podcast, asexual lingerie model Yasmin Benoit, writer, activist and former sex worker Kitty Stryker, author and activist Sandra Bellamy, and model, photographer, and social media influencer Nik Hampshire, among others. Watch Nik's video Being Aromantic (while not asexual). Check out Sandra Bellamy's Youtube Channel and book. Read Kitty Stryker's article I'm An Asexual Sex Worker – And It's Not As Complex As It Seems. Listen to episode 79 of the Allusionist “Queer” and all of A OK. Finally, support Dr. Singh’s work here. Always feel free to email Chris about anything at You can also tweet at him: Find him on Snapchat: ChrisSowa. Instagram: chrisinamerica. And Fetlife: Chris Sowa. Go to if the links in these show notes are not compatible with your podcast platform.

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