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Episode 49 - The Origins and Legacy of Narcissism

Episode 49 - The Origins and Legacy of Narcissism

Dr Ramani and Silvia Saige answer listener questions about narcissistic parents and the traumas they leave in their wake. Dr Ramani presents her 3-Part Plan to Disempower Narcissists. We draw an extremely important distinction between empathy and selflessness for people in toxic families. And we explore the idea that people with narcissistic pasts seek out problematic partners with the subconscious goal that this time, they'll "win." Spoiler: You won't. Finally, Dr Ramani relishes an opportunity to psychoanalyze the characters of The Great Gatsby! *** WRITE US FOR EPISODE 50! Our fiftieth episode will be extra-long and extra-deep, perfect for a podcast about sexuality. If you've been waffling about writing us, if you just discovered us, or if you wrote us before and put our advice into action, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW! E-mail: *** Dr Ramani Durvasula (@doctorramani) is a licensed clinical psychologist, a Professor of Psychology, and the nation's leading expert on narcissism. Silvia Saige (@silviasaigexxx, @silviasaigesex) is a standup comedian and adult film actress. Get Dr. Ramani's book Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Surviving A Relationship With A Narcissist now in paperback! Please subscribe to Sexual Disorientation on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher, Google Play, or any podcast app! Follow Bail Bonds Media on Instagram for behind-the-scenes looks and other great content.  

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