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Episode 51 - PATRIARCHY 101

Episode 51 - PATRIARCHY 101

Dr Ramani and Silvia welcome "guest professor" Robert Kandell, author of the new book unHIDDEN: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them. Buy unHIDDEN at this link: Rob is an interpersonal communication expert and also the host of the podcast TUFF LOVE. His focus is on the changing role of men in society. This episode is everything you ever wanted to know but maybe didn't know to ask about the concept of "The Patriarchy." "What does 'the patriarchy' even mean?" "Who created patriarchal structures? Who benefits from them?" "Isn't this just an angry feminist issue?" "How does this concept affect relationships?" "What would a non-patriarchal society look like?" "Is a non-patriarchal society achievable?" "What's so wrong with masculinity anyway?" "Is it bad if a woman just likes being taken care of by a man?" And tons more! Because the only step to understanding is open and honest communication. Write us with ALWAYS-anonymous suggestions for future 101 segments:   -- Dr Ramani Durvasula (@doctorramani) is a licensed clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology. Silvia Saige (@silviasaigexxx, @silviasaigesex) is an adult film actress and standup comedian.   Get Dr. Ramani's book Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Surviving A Relationship With A Narcissist now in paperback! Please subscribe to Sexual Disorientation on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher, Google Play, or any podcast app! Follow Bail Bonds Media on Instagram for behind-the-scenes looks and other great content.

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