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Episode 54 - Toxic Love Addiction, A Narcissist In The Friend Group, Mental Illness Stigma

Episode 54 - Toxic Love Addiction, A Narcissist In The Friend Group, Mental Illness Stigma

Dr Ramani answers backlogged questions about picking bad partners, finding empathy for your mental illness, and keeping friends when there's a narcissist between you. ***DR RAMANI'S INDISPENSIBLE NEW BOOK "Don't You Know Who I Am?" IS NOW AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON! Click here to get it!*** Silvia is out of the country and we miss her terribly! Dr Ramani uses the opportunity to address some of our more therapy-minded e-mails. A listener with a traumatic history admits to seeing all the warning signs and dysfunction, but wanting to be with her toxic ex anyway. Ramani addresses how to break the cycle. Another listener struggles as her narcissistic, slandering ex drives a wedge into their friend group. Ramani offers advice for how to maintain relationships and de-power the narc's mind games. Finally, a listener with a mental illness wonders how to process the lack of empathy he feels from those closest to him. He knows his condition can be off-putting, but it also makes him feel like he's surrounded by narcissists. Ramani has a lot to say on the social stigmas surrounding mental illness. *** Write the show, ALWAYS ANONYMOUS, with your questions on sex, love, relationships and everything in between: Dr Ramani Durvasula (@doctorramani) is a licensed clinical psychologist, a Professor of Psychology, and the nation's leading expert on narcissism. Silvia Saige (@silviasaigexxx, @silviasaigesex) is an adult film actress and standup comedian. Please subscribe to Sexual Disorientation on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher, Google Play, or any podcast app! Follow Bail Bonds Media on Instagram for behind-the-scenes looks and other great content.

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