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Episode 56 - Relationships with Libido Differences and Erectile Dysfunction

Episode 56 - Relationships with Libido Differences and Erectile Dysfunction

Dr Ramani and Silvia Saige tackle a bundle of e-mails about one very big problem: What happens when someone wants sex and their partner won't or can't oblige? The specter of 'waiting until marriage' is raised in one very troubling e-mail. Ramani and Silvia address that decision, along with the recent revelation that the rapper T.I. checks in with his daughter's gynecologist about the state of her hymen. A listener discovers on her honeymoon that her husband has crippling ED, but she may be ignoring the real problems in her relationship. Then, a lesbian listener struggles with not being able to satisfy her partner's sex drive, and the fights that causes. Finally, the wife of a narcissist wonders why their sex life went from 5-6 times A DAY to barely ever. This opens up a broader conversation about the difference in men between libido and erections. *** DR RAMANI'S INDISPENSIBLE NEW BOOK "Don't You Know Who I Am?" IS NOW AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON! Click here to get it! *** Write the show, ALWAYS ANONYMOUS, with your questions on sex, love, relationships and everything in between: Dr Ramani Durvasula (@doctorramani) is a licensed clinical psychologist, a Professor of Psychology, and the nation's leading expert on narcissism. Silvia Saige (@silviasaigexxx, @silviasaigesex) is an adult film actress and standup comedian. Please subscribe to Sexual Disorientation on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher, Google Play, or any podcast app! Follow Bail Bonds Media on Instagram for behind-the-scenes looks and other great content.

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