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Marjorie Cohn On Trump's Impeachment Trial

Marjorie Cohn On Trump's Impeachment Trial

Today on Sojourner Truth: According to reports, Donald Trump is preparing to visit India. Trump and India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, are fans of each other. Both are conservatives who have attempted to put limits on the number of Muslims entering their respective countries. Today, a look at India's controversial Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019, which protesters say discriminates against Muslims. Protests have broken out across India. At least 24 have been killed and thousands arrested. Our guest is Vijay Prashad, an Indian historian, journalist and commentator. He is the Director of The Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, the Chief Editor of LeftWord Books and Chief Correspondent at Globetrotter. We also mark the tenth anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti that killed close to 300,00 people, injured over 200,000, and left at least one million people displaced. What has happened to the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to assist Haitians, via the Red Cross and other large NGOs? How has corruption by a series of U.S.-backed governments in Haiti impact earthquake recovery? What are the needs on the ground now? And why will the U.S.-backed Haitian president be able to rule by decree starting this week? We speak with human rights attorney and co-founder and chair of the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund, Walter Riley. He was on the ground in Haiti during the January 12, 2010 earthquake. And, articles of impeachment for Donald Trump are expected to be delivered to the U.S. Senate this week. A Senate trial overseen by Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, where senators are to be jurors, is predicted to begin next week. But there's a battle going on over the fairness of the Senate trial, including whether witnesses, as requested by Democrats, will be called. Although the Senate is expected to find Trump not guilty, Democrats hope that their focus on pushing for a fair trial amid Republican resistance will hurt vulnerable Republican senators at the polls. Meanwhile, cracks are beginning to appear in the GOP on the question of calling witnesses, including former cabinet member John Bolton. Our guest is Marjorie Cohn, professor emerita at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where she taught for 25 years.

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