Ep 048 WEIRD & WILD with Kevin Guillen

Ep 048 WEIRD & WILD with Kevin Guillen

Conquering Covid Craziness, Keeping yourself motivated, creating a routine and building up others. These are just a few of the key things discussed in this podcast episode. I’m Tim Burnett and THIS is the SOLO HNTR Podcast This episode is brought to you by The discount code SOLO will give YOU 10% off on regular orders, and an additional 10% off plus FREE SHIPPING if YOU decide to sign up for the Wilderness Athlete Loyalty Program. Use promo code SOLO at checkout. This interview is also brought to you by PRIME  and G5 Outdoors We’ve got a limited number of Closeout Inventory of Prime Bows that are brand new and still in the box. These are 2017 and 2018 model bows that carry a FULL manufactures warranty including replacement coverage on strings and cables for life. While supplies last, we’re offering these bows at a huge discount off retail. So, you can go to to see a complete listing of what we have. to learn more. ALRIGHT,… Today I’m on the phone with Kevin Guillen: Download Episode 048

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