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Somebody Somewhere

"Somebody Somewhere" is a true crime investigative podcast series from RainStream Media, Inc. In Season 1, hosts David Payne and Jody Gottlieb tackle the open federal investigation into the 2001 murder of federal prosecutor Tom Wales. This 18-year-old case remains one of the highest priorities of the U.S. Department of Justice and has a $1.5 million reward. In Season 2, Payne and Gottlieb take you into a world few people ever experience as they investigate a 2016 mass shooting in a Seattle homeless encampment known as "The Jungle." Three teenage brothers were arrested for the crime, but are they the real killers? Only the Jungle knows.

Episodes: 30


S2 Episode 10: The Verdict

Duration: 32 min

S1 Episode 14 - The Art of Being Right

Duration: 34 min

S1 Episode 13 - The First Indictment

Duration: 30 min

Introducing "Hell And Gone"

Duration: 4 min

S2 Episode 9 - Groundhog Day

Duration: 29 min

S2 Episode 8 - The Meeting at the Tent

Duration: 34 min

S2 Episode 7 - Who are the Good Guys?

Duration: 29 min

S2 Episode 6 - The New King of the Jungle

Duration: 29 min

S2 Episode 5 - Run OJ Run

Duration: 35 min

S2 Episode 4 - Phat Serves Fat

Duration: 28 min

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