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91: The Sherry Murders, The Dixie Mafia & Corruption in Biloxi

91: The Sherry Murders, The Dixie Mafia & Corruption in Biloxi

In 1987, a circuit court judge and his wife, a former city council woman, who wanted to be mayor, were murdered in their home in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was obviously a professional hit. Vincent Sherry was a former criminal defense attorney who had defended members of the Dixie Mafia. Now, he was putting criminals away. Margaret Sherry was a fiery republican in a public slap fight with the current democratic mayor. She wanted to clean up the Biloxi strip of seedy night clubs and gambling, which of course, the Dixie Mafia ran. And she wanted to expose corruption in city hall. Who was the real target? It was a conspiracy that would take four years and the determination of their oldest daughter to unravel. Written, hosted and produced by Erica KelleyResearched by Haley Gray & Erica KelleyEdited by Chaes GrayCase Suggestion by listeners: Casey Porter, Eileen Mace & Drew StuartSuggested Reading: Mississippi Mud: Southern Justice & The Dixie Mafia by Edward HumesOriginal Graphic Art by Coley HornerOriginal Music by Rob Harrison of Gamma RadioSources: | Donate | In the Media: (Twitter) @southernfriedtruecrime (Insta)This episode's (to get 10% off your first month with an online counselor)

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