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Can We Dance with Your Dates?

Can We Dance with Your Dates?

In this episode, we discuss intentions, expectations...ours and how our actions can create expectations in others, and balance in play situations.   Join us Nov 16 at Menages Nashville for Podcaster Shenanigans with our friends from Double Date Nation, Our Naughty Escapades, Euphoria Chronicles, and Swinger Diaries. Be sure to register on Menages site at least 24 hours before the event! Hope to see you there! Check us out on DoubleDateNation! Use promo code SS19 to receive a free three month premium membership! As always, you can find us online here: Twitter - @SpiritualSwing Our Kasidie Community Email - or Kasidie, SLS, and DDN - SpiritualSwing Namaste sexy friends! :x

Duration: 58 min

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