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Managing Fear of Exposure with Catherine

Managing Fear of Exposure with Catherine

In this episode, we talk with Catherine from Expansive Connection about managing our fears and reactions to being "outed" in the lifestyle.  We don't have a clear and concise process for you to follow, but we will share our reactions and stories of how we've worked through the potential of being "outed" which you can hopefully apply to your own situations.   Episode Resources: Expansive Connection (Catherine’s website) Also referenced in this episode: UnF-ck Your Brain Podcast - Confusion is a Lie  Unlocking Us Podcast - Brene Brown with Glennon Doyle Journey of Souls, Dr. Michael Newton   Hear more from Catherine here: We Gotta Thing Normalizing NonMonogamy Swinging Downunder    Join us at Desire Riviera Maya July 6-11, 2020! Click here to book through our friends Richard and Lauren to get some awesome free gifts! Check us out on DoubleDateNation! Use promo code NAMASTE to receive a free three month premium membership! As always, you can find us online here: Twitter - @SpiritualSwing Our Kasidie Community Email - or Kasidie, SLS, and DDN - SpiritualSwing Namaste sexy friends! :x

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